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  • murakami/Nelson served as lead consultant, providing the HAER (Historic American Engineering Record) documentation of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The project was initiated by the California Department of Transportation and the National Park Service. The HAER document, which has been submitted to the Library of Congress, has three components: a narrative, photographs, and original 2D and 3D HAER drawings. The philosophy behind this documentation was to break up the depiction of the Bay Bridge into logical elements: the process by which it came to exist, the technical challenges that were overcome, and the impact it had on the Bay Area and Northern California transportation system. Completed in 1936, the Bay Bridge was the longest and most costly bridge in the world and still has the record for the deepest underwater foundations and largest diameter traffic tunnel. The HAER documentation was a team effort that captured the Bay Bridge at a moment in time and put its importance to the San Francisco Bay Area into focus.